Everwood Timbers was started in 2007 when my dad Len Bakker “the chairman "of Everwood who owns Penguin pools P.E. decided that the new age look around pools was decking .With the thought in mind he went about researching the best possible way to bring in his own shipments. After a couple of months He met with an old friend who is a carpenter by trade and explained his idea, with that the carpenter {Lionel} said he had a son who was in the timer game and had a source to import from. My dad then took the opportunity and met with Robin. Ideas flew around, Robin joined and we forming a brand new company today know as Everwood timbers.

Rob and I started out in my old mans double garage selling our decking and buy outs to customers, and by doing our own deliveries we built good strong relations with many customers. With lots of hard work and marketing we managed to grow the company from strength to strength with our motto rather under promise and over deliver than the latter and this simple but true theory worked...

Today Everwood is situated in a business complex with 2000m2 warehouse space and large volumes of various stocks and a great customer following .we and pride ourselves with giving personnel service and the best quality of timber in town. Please pop in and visit us or email us your request our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you.

Dion Bakker {member / owner}


Branch - Port Elizabeth
Dion / Robin
041 451 1007
041 451 1048
Branch - Knysna
Owen Lottering
044 382 5408
086 656 7080



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